Rebosis was established by the Billion Group in 2010, and the company was the first black-managed and substantially black-held property fund to be listed on the JSE.

Billion Group was established in 1999 by Mr Sisa Ngebulana, the Chief Executive Officer of Rebosis.

Over the years Mr Ngebulana has successfully grown the Billion Group's portfolio of office and retail properties, through a combination of acquisitions and property developments, from the initial acquisition of the Liberty Life building in 2003 to the current portfolio of high grade properties valued in excess of R6.4 billion with a split of 53% office buildings,45% retail centre malls and 2% industrial, by value.


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Mr Ngebulana is the Chief Executive Officer of Rebosis, bringing to the group the same strong leadership under which the Billion Group grew to a multi-billion Rand property company.

The Chief Financial Officer, Ms Finn, has significant experience in the listed property sector with larger listed entities and brings a strong focus on institutional controls and corporate governance to Rebosis.

The asset management and property management of the group's portfolio is managed by the Billion Group. For more information on the company’s Board of Directors please click here.


Our growth strategy forms the basis for our integrated thinking and reporting.

Rebosis’ strategic objective is to be a retail biased fund focused on well-located retail, office and industrial properties yielding strong, secure income and high capital returns.

The intention is to position Rebosis over the long term as one of the fastest growing investment funds in South Africa in terms of both value and ROI. We intend to achieve this objective by:

  • Securing long term office leases with national government tenants
  • Growing our portfolio through further acquisitions
  • Investing in dominant regional shopping centres at early stages of maturity
  • Leveraging our right of first refusal to acquire properties from the significant development pipeline of Billion Group

Our acquisition strategy is well thought-out with clearly defined investment criteria:

  1. Retail
    Dominant shopping centres not replicable in their respective catchment areas; >20 000m² or valued >R250 million.
  2. Offices
    Preferably large single tenant buildings under long leases; >10 000m² or valued >R100 million.
  3. Industrial
    Large, single tenanted industrial warehouses; >10 000m² or valued >R80 million.


Today, Rebosis is a high growth property fund valued at R6.4 billion following the transfer of acquisitions post year end. Its defensive portfolio comprises 19 quality properties covering a GLA of 414 489m2 across Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and the North West provinces. On listing in 2011, the company was distinguished as the first black-managed and substantially black-held PLS to come to the JSE Limited.